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Recognition & Backing

Since its foundation, khanacademy.org has received almost unanimously good feedback. This feedback hasn’t just been in the form of positive YouTube comments either. In 2009, Khan Academy received the “Microsoft Tech Award for Education”. Following positive feedback from Bill Gates, Khan was invited to deliver a TED talk.

In 2010, Google’s Project 10^100 provided $2 million to support the creation of more courses, to allow for translation of the Khan Academy’s content, and to allow for the hiring of additional staff. The Bill Gates Foundation also placed the Khan Academy on its list to get funding. In Nov 2011, the Khan Academy received a $5 million grant from the O’Sullivan Foundation.

It is clear that Khan Academy is heading in the right direction, especially with the backing of such people of the magnitude of Bill Gates. With the correct business plan, a level head and willingness in the education sector, it might not be too far into the future until Khan’s ideal classroom is the norm.


Khan Academy was formed as a result of Salman Khan, a former hedge fund analyst. In 2004, he used YouTube to uploaded tutoring videos for his cousins, as it seemed to be the best approach for a man with little time free in his week to be delivering what was usually a similar, if not the same lesson. His videos gained much positive feedback from his family as well as others who sought maths tutorials online. Following about 5 years of uploading videos, and a huge amount of positive feedback, he took the major step of quitting his job and focusing full-time on making videos.  He also wanted to improving the learning environment on khanacademy.org, a site he chose to develop as to provide a more structured database of the video tutorials he was uploading to YouTube.  Bill Gates said in an interview, sometime after Khans TED talk  that “I’d say we’ve moved about 160 IQ points from the hedge fund category to the teaching-many-people-in-a-leveraged-way category.”

Here’s the first video that Khan uploaded: Here’s a link to the First Videothat Khan uploaded.