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So if a class begins to implement K.A. in their classroom. they can expect to have a much better, personal teaching experience.  That, however, isn’t where the benefits end though.

Clearly, there is an aspect of savings, most notably the ratio of teachers’ wages’ to actual valuable teaching given out.  Less and less money is spent on correcting tests, etc. (as specified in the last post) and teachers’ time in the classroom is much more effective.  This could have potential long term savings for the education sector, there would be less paying for unnecessary time doing activities that could be handled by the Khan Academy system itself.

Another advantage is that it allows children, at an earlier age, to be computer competent.  With the time each day students spend completing exercises at home, they would almost definitely be more able to handle easy-to-moderate tasks on their computers.  As well as this, the time spent at computers could ignite an interest in computers themselves.  An interest in web-design, for example, could be another potential advantage of incorporating K.A..

The list goes on and on from this, and I could go on about how it is very advantageous, but I believe that’s enough just for now…


So How Can K.A. Help?

So, you’ve just seen the problems that have arisen in the education I’ve received.  How, I will ask, does K.A. even start to offer a possible alternative or a patch of some sort to help the education system.

Well there are a number of reasons that this is the case.  The first is that it eliminates a lot of the administrative work that the teacher would normally have to do.  Most time consuming of this would be correction of tests and homework.  K.A.  helps this hugely.  K.A. offers the teacher a chance to “coach” all their students.  This gives the teacher a dashboard from which they can give out homework and tests via the K.A. website.  The best thing about this is once the work is listed, the teacher is not required to correct it, as it is fully automated.  In fact, a wider range of statistics are available to the teacher, all which require no time or effort from the teacher.  These statistics could prove to be invaluable to teachers and the likes as they can see exactly where students are struggling and adjust their teaching technique accordingly.

Another benefit of K.A. is that teachers’ one-to-one time with the students are much more beneficial.  Firstly, there is more time available due to an automated system being used and secondly the teachers method of teaching is much more well-adjusted to the students’ needs.

All of this means that a much more personal educational experience is possible.  Picture a classroom where all the learning is done at home, at the ease of the student, and classroom time is spent doing exercises where the help of the teacher is always at hand.



So, you’ve been introduced to the creator of K.A. (Khan Academy) but still have no idea of how the website is useful to the education system at all. Well let me start by telling you how the current education system has many deficiencies in it. I will make my argument on how the K.A. can help the flawed system and maybe be a big player in the future of the education system.

Firstly, I’ll go over some of the problems of the current education system. Although many different countries have different approaches to teaching, I’m going to be focusing on the education I received in primary and secondary school.

What, in my opinion was wrong with the educational system I was involved in.  The teachers weren’t used to their full potential.  That is, that a lot of time and effort of theirs was wasted on either administrative work or sticking to a certain approach to teaching that wasn’t allowing the maximum benefit to be received by students.  Just to expand on that last point, the current system uses the approach of teaching at school and working at home.  What’s wrong with that is that if a student doesn’t understand the lecture given by the teacher in class, they will be lost when attempting to do their homework. This creates a horrible circle in which some students are falling behind and other are not, so in order to correct this the teacher must either carry on, and thus let pupils fall behind, or the teacher could go back over topics and slow down the students that aren’t finding that specific topic difficult.  This in my opinion is the single biggest flaw of the education system.  And in the next post I’ll go over some elements of Khanacademy which correct this problem.