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K.A. and Reddit

When I was researching the topic I stumbled on an interesting event which happened on Reddit.
Salman Khan was placing himself on a public forum to answer questions on reddit.com, something which a number of people who are in the public’s interest do. The thread titled “I am Salman Khan founder of Khan Academy-AMA” allowed people to ask Sal questions and receive a response from an account that is validated to be the person in question.

To keep this short I won’t go over all the questions and answers, but I’ll just focus on one particular Q & A. After a user inquired into Khan doing videos on quantum computing, another user made it clear that he would be interested in helping out Khan in that sector. That user turned out to be none other than, Michael Nielsen a very famous name in that field, and the author of many books on the topic. The invitation was instantly well-received from Khan and sparked much positive comments from other users who could see the conversation in front of their eyes.

This interesting event had a number of positive elements. One of which is the eagerness of many highly educated people to come on board to the ever expanding K.A.. It also showed Khan’s eagerness to help and grow the idea that began as one man in his own house uploading videos for his cousins!


With an idea like this, along with the progress already made, it’s vital that K.A. takes the correct next steps to keep the ball rolling so to speak.

They are doing so in terms of future idea’s.  Peer-to-peer tutoring is one of many possible idea’s being explored.  This involves pupils helping to tutor other students via the Khanacademy website.  It would match students who excel in a certain topic with another student who is struggling with it.  This is a very interesting proposal as it helps both students.  it helps the better understanding student to understand the topic even further and rewards too could be offered to him/her.  And obviously it also helps the student with lesser understanding to gain much needed tutoring from a more personal approach.

Math-camps are also being rolled out to test the helpfulness of K.A. on a wider scale than the pilot schemes are currently doing( limited to a certain number of classes at the moment).

The translation of videos is also in progress.  As of today, 646 videos have been translated into Estonian, which is the language with the most translations.  The translating of the videos is a completely voluntarily dependent.

K.A. also has grown from being a one man show.  The website now has 23 full-time employees as well as many more part-time workers and volunteers.  It has 8 new job positions on its wanted section, which shows the websites further intended growth.  Among the jobs are mobile developers, Salman Khan has said in the past that an mobile app may be possible in the not too distant future.