So, you’ve been introduced to the creator of K.A. (Khan Academy) but still have no idea of how the website is useful to the education system at all. Well let me start by telling you how the current education system has many deficiencies in it. I will make my argument on how the K.A. can help the flawed system and maybe be a big player in the future of the education system.

Firstly, I’ll go over some of the problems of the current education system. Although many different countries have different approaches to teaching, I’m going to be focusing on the education I received in primary and secondary school.

What, in my opinion was wrong with the educational system I was involved in.  The teachers weren’t used to their full potential.  That is, that a lot of time and effort of theirs was wasted on either administrative work or sticking to a certain approach to teaching that wasn’t allowing the maximum benefit to be received by students.  Just to expand on that last point, the current system uses the approach of teaching at school and working at home.  What’s wrong with that is that if a student doesn’t understand the lecture given by the teacher in class, they will be lost when attempting to do their homework. This creates a horrible circle in which some students are falling behind and other are not, so in order to correct this the teacher must either carry on, and thus let pupils fall behind, or the teacher could go back over topics and slow down the students that aren’t finding that specific topic difficult.  This in my opinion is the single biggest flaw of the education system.  And in the next post I’ll go over some elements of Khanacademy which correct this problem.